Mon 21/05 01:10am  zeinabhome:
Thu 18/01 10:58am  Op7imus_Prim3: Holy shit, what did you guys do to the forums?
Thu 14/12 10:51pm  masajescallao: flap flap
Thu 14/12 10:51pm  masajescallao: http://masajescallo is th best web for view ladys! i recommend guys
Thu 28/09 01:06am  Quantum: Hey this thing still works
Thu 24/08 07:41pm  ANNEAMARIA:
Fri 01/04 04:12am  nackers: test
Wed 16/03 02:22am  nackers:
Tue 15/03 09:23am  mmaster: Whee, EGG's most prolific poster at the moment is a spam bot, who is posting a new thread every three hours or so. Block "Tomcusn" please?
Mon 11/01 03:57pm  Pro Victim: and the bots are becoming !multilingual!
Tue 05/01 12:52pm  Probably Geal'k: it's a Saturday before christmas day miracle
Fri 25/12 07:05am  mmaster: Merry Christmas, everyone :)
Sat 19/12 07:29pm  lycurgus: ok, all better now. hooray!
Sat 19/12 07:28pm  lycurgus: ...except we're still half an hour off
Sat 19/12 07:28pm  lycurgus: cool, apparently i fixed it - set the timezone inside PHP. not sure why it changed from previously working but hey
Sat 19/12 07:12pm  lycurgus: Ok, that didn't work... i'll keep thinking.
Sat 19/12 07:10pm  lycurgus: ok, for whatever reason the spambox appears to be in Pacific Standard Time (where it's a little after midnight now). I've tried to set it on the server but not sure what user the process runs as, or whether it will affect it...
Sat 19/12 05:27pm  mmaster: @Lyc: The timestamps on your posts are around 6pm for me, yes
Sat 19/12 01:13pm  lycurgus: for reference i'm typing this at 1pm on saturday
Sat 19/12 12:59pm  lycurgus: hm, times are off in the spambox... currently showing 6pm friday 18th... is that offset the same for everyone else? forum proper appears to have the right time.....
Sat 19/12 12:57pm  lycurgus: 46..*. is banned now too.
Sat 19/12 12:55pm  lycurgus: oh, second range for RIPE? will ban that as well. seems like statistics are pretty basic - most relevant i can see is "0.21 users per day"...
Fri 11/12 09:01am  Pro Victim: @&Lyc& or similar admins: is there a statistics page for the forum? Number of users or members per day sort of thing?
Thu 10/12 09:56am  Pro Victim: Bot is still RIPE Network. -
Thu 10/12 06:31am  mmaster: ...and a new one came through overnight to put the lie to the words. Still down though I think.
Wed 09/12 01:19pm  mmaster: Way down, possibly nonexistent. For the moment I think they're nuked. Until they find a different subnet.
Tue 08/12 10:28pm  lycurgus: also: how is the bots thing going? i don't really forums so I don't see the activity
Tue 08/12 10:27pm  lycurgus: PAX tickets are on sale!
Fri 27/11 11:16pm  Sairys: for Mage people
Fri 27/11 01:21pm  lycurgus: cool beans! excellent news.
Fri 27/11 09:07am  Pro Victim: No bot posts since Wednesday, so I think that the bots are under control.
Fri 27/11 08:42am  lycurgus: Cool, it's working? or just jubilant that the ban has been enacted?
Thu 26/11 09:06am  Pro Victim: Yay! Less bots!
Wed 25/11 10:02pm  lycurgus: @ProV slack is IRC as imagined by web 2.0
Wed 25/11 09:58pm  lycurgus: Ripe Network IPs have been banned from the forum for one month. Willing to extend that to permanent if it proves effective.
Wed 25/11 07:29pm  wavey: people with laptops as their primary device tend to bring them in and play on them anyway
Wed 25/11 07:28pm  wavey: The discount is to provide more motive to people who regularly book EGG fleet PC's when they have the option of bringing in their own desktop to do so, freeing up the fleet PC's for people without alternate options
Mon 23/11 09:16am  Pro Victim: "Slack"? is that another communications protocol? Also, I have a laptop as my primary gaming machine. Why is the discount only for desktop owners?
Fri 20/11 09:23pm  lycurgus: and, naturally, i want them to come to where i am rather than vice-versa. >_>
Fri 20/11 07:50pm  lycurgus: i'm led to believe we have a Slack now.. did anything happen with getting it linked to the IRC? i wanna bug execs but it's tough when they're not where i am :I
Fri 20/11 07:49pm  lycurgus: @prov: that's a thing we can do.. would naturally need exec approval for it. or we could try out e.g a fortnight ban on the range and see how that goes :3
Fri 20/11 09:26am  Pro Victim: Looks like Ripe is a major server hosting company in Africa. See section 4 of the page
Thu 19/11 09:01am  Pro Victim: OK, can we just blanket ban the "Ripe Network" range of IP addresses? Most of the bots come from there. -
Sat 14/11 04:20pm  lycurgus: for now, at least, in light of recent events... french flags are staying up.
Sat 14/11 04:20pm  lycurgus: @prov maybe - could put a line or two in the javascript and catch it in the php... workable, i think, will have to look at it when i have time.
Thu 12/11 10:20am  Pro Victim: Hi Geal
Thu 12/11 09:12am  Geal'k: how sad
Thu 12/11 09:04am  Geal'k: I log in every morning now at work....still no activity