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Postby bears on Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:40 pm

A scene from Ulysses Chaussures Adidas Superstar Foundation Noir Blanche B23642 Pas Cher , a UK-China coproduction, was staged in Beijing as part of the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange.[Photo provided to China Daily]
Veteran theater director Yi Liming bought a copy of Ulysses several years ago. He couldn't finish reading Irish writer James Joyce's classic novel because it was too hard to understand.

However, during his trip to the Edinburgh International Festival in 2013, Yi saw a poster for the Ulysses theater production directed by Andy Arnold, creative director of Tron Theater in Scotland.

Out of curiosity, Yi bought a ticket, and over the next two hours he was entranced. After the show Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 2 Bling Pack Noir Or Pas Cher , Yi opened the novel again and finally finished reading it.

"It is the magic of theater. The director interprets the novel onstage, which is an easy way for the audience to learn the essence of the book," says Yi.

As the artistic director of Beijing-based Chan Drama, Yi decided to bring Arnold's production to Beijing, hoping more audiences in China would better understand the novel like he did.

Yi's small wish, however, turned out to be a big event as part of the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange. At a news conference in Beijing late last month Chaussures Adidas Superstar 80s Metal Toe Or Foil Pas Cher , Yi revealed that seven works by directors from the two countries will be staged in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan of Shandong province and Hangzhou of Zhejiang province through June, with a total of 25 performances.

Besides Ulysses, two collaborations between British directors and Chinese actors were also staged. A Journey through James Joyce, which is directed by Arnold with multiple sources of Joyce's own writings, tells the literary giant's life in self-exile in Trieste. Beckett en Bref Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 80s Noir B26728 Pas Cher , which is directed by Gerry Mulgrew, presents for the first time a series of Irish avant-garde novelist Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) shorts on Chinese stage.

"The fundamentals of stage dramas exist in literature as well," says Yi, who founded Chan Drama in 2008 and is also a veteran set designer. Yi has previously worked on foreign and Chinese classics such as Hamlet and Tea House. "We want to bring those great writers and their works closer to Chinese audiences."

Director Arnold says that he wanted to direct Irish playwright Dermot Bolger's 1994 version of Ulysses, an act of love for him.

"Ulysses is special in my heart. Joyce's novel had never been put on any stage before. The novel has tragedy, humor, beauty of language and strong characters Chaussures Adidas Superstar 2 Bling Blanche Or G62845 Pas Cher , which are great elements for theater," Arnold says.

Three Chinese plays directed by Yi will share the stage during the event from April to August. The Seven Sages, with a set designed by renowned architect Zhang Yonghe, explores various reactions to extreme circumstances and will be displayed in a gallery space in Beijing. The Imperial Express, a multiple-act play, recounts a journey of Dowager Empress Cixi, one of the most powerful and controversial female figures in Chinese history Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 2 Grise Rouge G17252 Pas Cher , to Northeast China, known as Manchuria back then, on a train purchased from Britain. Waiting for Ancestors-a Chinese reaction to Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot-was written by Zeng Yi, his classmate at Central Academy of Drama. The play explores the crisis of the Chinese literary scene in modern society.

Working with Chinese conductor Tang Muhai, Yi will also stage Turn of the Screw, an English chamber opera by Benjamin Britten.

An ex-NBA player who made $66 million is now a Columbia student with a 3.8 GPA. [PhotoAgencies]

Andrew Keh of the New York Times recently caught up with the 6'11" Murphy, who is now a full-time student at Columbia University nearing a degree in sociology.

Murphy Chaussures Adidas Superstar 2 Grise Noir Pas Cher , who was a two-time Big East player of the year at Notre Dame, left college after his junior year without a degree. He then had a nice career in the NBA with six teams, averaging 13.0 points and 9.3 rebounds per game during one 8-year stretch.

But according to Keh, Murphy always wanted to finish school and get his degree. So now, Murphy, who made $66 million in his career according to Basketball-Reference, has channeled the competitiveness that helped make him a good basketball player and is now directing it at Columbia professors.

"For me it was: I’m going to prove I can beat this guy. I'm going to shut him down or outscore him or outrebound him Chaussures Adidas Superstar II Noir Or V24625 Pas Cher ," Murphy told the Times. "Now, you have these professors who are some of the best, and you want to test yourself. You want to prove you can get an A in the class."

It's working. In the fall semester, Murphy took four classes, got a 3.8 GPA and made the Dean's List.

While Murphy was a good student in high school, the biggest challenge may have been getting into Columbia. The decision to apply came after playing a pick-up basketball game at Columbia shortly after his final season in the NBA:

"In August 2013, Murphy's memory of that brief visit factored into his decision to apply to the university. But nothing was guaranteed; he needed to take an entrance exam. So he hired a tutor and worked with her three times a week. He went to Barnes & Noble and bought every SAT book at the store. He got flashcards to practice vocabulary. He estimated he studied 25 hours a week for two months and took more than 20 practice exams. He wrote his application essay about how he could apply the lessons learned in the NBA to the challenges of college life."

BEIRUT Chaussures Adidas Superstar II Blanche G43681 Pas Cher , Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- Lebanon will file a complaint to the UN against Israel for violating the country's airspace and causing damage by breaking the sound barrier in the south of the country, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said on Monday.

Israeli jets flew low over the southern city of Saida, causing sonic booms that broke windows and shook buildings, Lebanese security sources and residents said.

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