New Member Information Thread

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New Member Information Thread

Postby w00dy on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:52 am

We are the Electronic Gamers' Guild (E.G.G.) - a collection of people who are passionate about games and gaming . We're here to have a good time, to promote the excellent medium of games and maybe to reshape peoples' perception of what games and gamers are all about. We also cover non-electronic game types like Pen'n'Paper RPGs (e.g. D&D, Shadowrun, BESM, Exalted, Hollow Earth), exotic card games (e.g. Munchkin, Kings' Blood), strange and delightful miscellania (e.g. Arkham Horror, Cave Troll) and wargaming (e.g. WH40K, Battletech, Warmachine) within the Non-Electronic Gamers’ Guild (or N.E.G.G.). Since we’ve been around for a while and have taken a variety of strange and wonderful people into the fold, E.G.G. is a campus repository of nerd culture of all kinds.

Here is some general links to our & the UTS Union social media groups through various services:

EGG Facebook

UTS Union Facebook



Some important threads for new members:

Current Events Thread

New Member Introduction Thread

Also for any new members who missed our membership primer:

How Not To Be a N00b 2013.pdf
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