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  • Nathan Woods
  • William Isles
  • John Arcoudis
  • Ryan McGrath
  • Wavy Stephano
  • Lyn Wiley
  • Finlay Downes
  • Grant Collins (Left at 8:28pm)
  • Kyron Ho (Left at 8:28pm)

Item Minutes

Social Nerd-Work

  • Nerdfighters (aka "The Social NerdWorks")
  • The Nerdfighters are a new club that formed quite recently
    • They play boardgames and have similar interests to us.
    • Recently they have been running events behind us during consoles,
      • They have been on occasion confused for part of out club.
      • Activate is not pleased with them running events behind us without a formal booking
  • Nerdifhters are an online group, they are activists Fighting for Nerd Culture.
    • They are UTS's Nerdfighter arm of the community
  • Nerdfighters has recently changed their name to "The Social NerdWorks"
    • The direction they have moved into is away from the NerdFighters and towards similar things of what we do
      • They are no longer officially tied with NerdFighters
      • They have a strong student association presence
      • They have now changed direction towards a general Geek Culture club
  • We were considering a club merge as our Goals are very similar similar.
    • We need to change our Branding to focus on Geek-Culture (Not just video games exclusively)
  • If we want to merg we will need to cater to for the events they normally run as well.
    • More drinking, karaoke, movie nights, picnics.
  • Do we want to merge with the Nerdfighters?
    • Even though we are misbranded, we do more than games. We are a social club!
  • If we are to re-brand it may cause issues with our current image/status.
    • If we re-brand we end up impacting on their territory, even though they are new.
  • What do we wish to do about all this?
  • Rebrand and merge with the Nerdfighters?
    • This will cause us to become a more generalised club
    • We will need to run more events similar to what they want.
  • There has been mention that they do not like some of our member base.
    • They do not want to show up to our events because they do not like our members.
  • What is the stability of their club?
    • They are a new club and for the moment primarily consist of a core member group.
    • Their core members are not moving forwards and new members cycling in.
  • When people hear about EGG they do not think boardgames, role-play or social events.
  • Originally the Nerdfighters were running events just like ours, behind us.
    • We don't want to be sharing our events that we have been running since the beginning
    • Boardgames are very common, they are buying boardgames (Fancy boardgames, some of which we own)
  • If we want to change our branding we should focus on it being
    • Gaming Focused, General Geek Society, Inclusive of Boardgames and Electronic games
  • We can possibly split egg in half and have the two focus groups.
    • We would have an overall Exec group and then sub-divisions focused on:
      • Games and Geek Culture
    • This would require exec to handle each half or an event master for each division.
  • We will ask the members what they would like to see
    • We can focus our efforts to provide what they are interested.
  • We should an SGM to discuss this with our members.
    • Do we want an SGM first to discuss this with members or discuss this in smaller groups first?
    • May want to speak to older members.

Equipment Renting

  • Do we want to rent out equipment to other groups?
    • Do we want to rent out Lieutenants?
  • This would provide a good alternate income for the club.


  • Do we want to get a playstation Plus account.
  • New bags are needed fore th consoles
  • Do we want to move our console accounts onto the egg domain email accounts?
  • Get as much of the egg accounts details assembled, and backed-up.
    • With Dropbox, Paper copies to Activate, hidden/locked Skynet folders.

Egg website

  • We need to redesign the website.
    • Flay and Lyc can work together to update the website


  • Lyc needs to fix the forums member search.

Meeting Schedules

  • Thursdays are good for regular meetings

Lieutenant Application

  • Jordan Adelerhof
    • Very politicly Activist stuff
      • We are not a political club, we avoid it.
      • Encourage him not to promote his political views.
  • Has already been helping out, acting similar to lieutenants
    • Helpful during consoles and other events
  • Make clear his responsibilities and not to mis-represent us.

Vote to make Jordan Lieutenants

For: 4
Against: 0
Abstained: 2

Motion Passed,

  • Jordan Adelerhof is now a lieutenant

Library Gaming space

  • The library want to set up gaming space.
  • They contacted us and about setting up in the space (We may move there)
    • We offered them our services.
  • They are keen to have us in the space and have been told our requirments.
    • Requires 24 hour access.
    • Storage for out stuff
  • Our regular running would be the same but only at the library.
    • Events like consoles are still as they were
  • The library wants a dedicated gaming space in their new robo library
    • They are interested in having us move into there when it is finished.
    • They are required to sort this out amongst themselves first before we get their approval


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